We could provide our Electrical Products (Battery relay, small relay, Solenoid relay, Regulator, Switch etc)
developed for OEM's of Japanese major Industrial Machinery maker and Agriculture Machinery maker.
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 Voltage Regulator Mechanical Type

Mechanical Volatage Regulator adopted before 1985

 Voltage Regulator IC Type

IC type Voltage Regulator adopted after 1985

 Magnet Switch

High current, short time use.

 Solenoid Relay

for high current

 Battery Relay

use for anti dischage battery

 Small Relay for General Purpose

General purpose relay JIS/ISO terminal layout.

 Light Relay

Pro type head light relay

 Flasher Relay

Use for hazard warning and flasher device.

 Timer Relay

ON delay and OFF delay type.

 Auto Meters

Water temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Voltage, Current, Fuel etc. Dia. 52mm Type

 Fuel Tank Unit

Using woth Fuel meter


Support many types.

 Starter Solenoid Switch

for automotive

 Fuel Pump

for automotive

 Ignition Coil

for automotive


We supply special use equipment for Customer

 Fuse Base

Fuse Base box for construction vehicle.

 Actuator Controller

Input sensor signal and output actuator signal. Controlled by IC. use for agricultual equipment.